Tuesday 19th May – Year 1

Hello Year 1,

Important Information FAO Parents and Carers: If you have not yet responded to the school’s recent email regarding the children’s return to school, then please could you do so ASAP – even if you would not like your child to return on 1st June, then please complete the form appropriately.

Did you enjoy your activities yesterday? We were very impressed with your natural collages – they were beautiful and very creative! Miss Simons had a bit of a silly moment on Thursday last week and forgot to give out a certificate to somebody that really deserves it, so here is Kornel’s certificate for some fantastic work at home:

Well done Kornel!

Here are your activities for today:

1. Sounds-Write Phonics


2. Reading/Literacy

Let’s read the next few pages of our story …

What do you notice about the colours? What are the colours in the junk shop? Does Brigg have anything like that or that colour at home?

What has Brigg found? Does he know what they are? What are the 7 brown wrinkled things?


We sent you a package home last week – investigate the seed packets and record what you can see.

Are there pictures on it? Are there colours? What does it say on the front and back of the packet?


3. Maths

Listen to this song about 3D shapes:



4. Science

Starter questions:
What are your favourite fruit and vegetables? Explain why.
How much fruit and veg should you eat each day?

How many of these fruits and vegetables can you name?


Watch this video: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zmn6n39

Fruits and vegetables are plants and grow in many different ways. Some fruits and vegetables need different environments (places) to grow in.

Now play this video quiz:


It will show you a picture of a fruit/vegetable and then where it grows (underground or above ground). Pause the video on the fruit/vegetable so that you can make a guess about where you think it grows.

When you are done, draw a line across the middle of piece of paper (this is your ground). Which fruit and vegetables grow underground? Which ones grow above ground?  Record them on your piece of paper – either below the ground or above! If you would like, you can get creative and draw trees and plants to show where the fruit and veg grow from!


Keep working hard … keep smiling … keep shining!

Miss Simons, Mrs Brookes and Mrs Roberts : )

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