Monday 18th May – Year 1

Good Morning Year 1,

How was your weekend? We hope that you had some time to rest, explore and have fun! Before you get started, we would like you to watch Episode 2 of Jessie & Friends. Click on the following link to watch it here:

What did you learn about sharing pictures? Type your ideas into the comments below for us to see!


Here are today’s activities:

1. Sounds-Write Phonics



2. Reading/Literacy

Last week we started reading our new story, The Flower. Can you remember what happened?

Read the next few pages of our story …

Why did he have to smuggle it?

Why was it secret?


Now let’s carry on our story …

Why do you think there are no flowers in the city?

What difference would it make if there were flowers in the city? to how people feel or how the city looks?

Write a response to the above question – remember to write in full sentences using capital letters, spaces between words and full stops.


3. Maths



4. Art

Go on a hunt in the garden or whilst you are on your daily exercise, collect some twigs, sticks, leaves, stones (anything natural).

You are going to create a 3D picture/collage using natural objects found outside. Here are some ideas to get you started:


We hope that you have a great day and don’t forget to send us your pictures at!

We miss you,

Miss Simons, Mrs Brookes and Mrs Roberts 🙂

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