PE – Jasmine Active Certificate Scheme.

Our Real PE at Home activities and games, delivered through Jasmine, have proved very popular with many pupils and we thought it would be good to celebrate this great work happening at home. Therefore, we have created two certificates your child can earn. These two certificates are:
  • Jasmine Access CertificateThis certificate is awarded to every child that logs in to Jasmine. Children can earn one of these certificates each month and your challenge is to collect one each month. This certificate will be emailed to your school email address as and when you earn the certificate. 

  • Real PE at Home Star of the Week: This award is selected by the PE team and is awarded to pupils who within that week demonstrate excellent creativity, commitment and enthusiasm towards accessing Jasmine Active at Home. To be selected by the PE team the children need to clearly demonstrate their use of Jasmine through pictures/videos of the activities played, drawing (KS1) or comments from parents. All of this needs to be sent to the PE email address directly or via their class teachers. This certificate will be emailed out to your pupil emails from the PE email on a Wednesday and included in the weekly Friday newsletter.

We will also be having a certificate leaderboard running each month to see which class can earn the most certificate points at the end of each month. The Jasmine Access Certificate is worth 1 point, while the Real PE at Home Star of the Week Certificate is worth 5 points.
Thank you for your continued support in your child’s home learning and we can’t wait to award more certificates and celebrate more successful PE at home activities and games.

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