Monday 1st June – Year 1

Welcome Back Year 1,

We hope that you had a fantastic week off and can’t wait to hear about all of the exciting things that you have been up to! We were really hoping that things would be back to normal by now but we must carry on as we have done for a little longer to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible! Some of you will now be doing your learning back in school and some of you will continue to do so at home – either way, we would still love to hear from you! We will be posting weekly ‘Key Skills’ for you to work on at home – as the children will also be working on these at school. We will also continue to post daily activities (Phonics, Reading/Writing and Maths) for you to enjoy but we will not be providing online certificates, as we will be spending an increased amount of time working with the children in school. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to continue to contact us via our year group email:


Here are today’s activities:

  1. Sounds-Write Phonics


  1. Reading/Writing

Here is our new story that we will be starting this week. Have a look at the front cover (can you identify the title, author and illustrator?) Now let’s read the first few pages …

Can you spot some contrasting vocabulary? E.g. ‘beautiful green valley’ and ‘terrible mess’.

Now let’s carry on reading the next few pages …

What can you see in the rubbish dump? What do you think you would hear? What would it smell like?

Write some adjectives down on a piece of paper and keep it safe … you will need them tomorrow to help you write some descriptive sentences about the rubbish dump!


  1. Maths

First watch this video that explains how to use straws (or other objects) to help consolidate understanding of place value – and count in 10s and 1s:

Use this number generator on Google to choose a number from 1-100:

Select an object to represent ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ and see whether you can make that chosen number. How many numbers can you make? When you are finished, you can play a game with a partner … your partner chooses and makes the number, and you have to count in ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ to work out what the number is – and then you can swap over!

FAO: Parents and Carers

We will not be posting curriculum subject activities, as we feel that now is the time to place a greater focus on the key skills – such as; handwriting (and fine-motor skills), reading, spelling, number formation and counting. However, if you feel your child would enjoy some curriculum-based activities, our topic this term continues to focus on plants in greater detail – exploring the different parts and identifying the common structures. This theme can also be easily incorporated into Art to provide the children with lots of opportunities to develop their artistic skills through the use of a range of mediums.


We hope that you find this useful.

Have a fantastic day,

Miss Simons, Mrs Brookes and Mrs Roberts : )


P.S. Here is a bedtime story for you to listen to – it may sound familiar but it has an interesting twist!

Click here to listen to #Goldilocks

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