Reception Home Learning Monday 30th March

Good morning children! We hope you have had a lovely weekend after all your hard work last week. Welcome back to another week of exciting tasks from the Reception Team – we can’t wait to hear how you get on! 


Hidden items. Ask your grown up to get 20 things that you can count – it could be buttons or cereal like Shreddies or Cheerios, or even chocolate buttons (you could eat them afterwards!) Get your grown up to count out a number like 5, show you and then cover them up with a tea towel. The grown up can then add 1 or 2 more pieces under the towel. Can you keep count? You can use your fingers. Challenge: do the same activity but with subtraction.


What can you see in the picture? Write a sentence about it – remember: think it first, then say it, then write it. Count how many words and repeat it. We would love to see your sentences!

Speech and Language:

Imagine that you can talk to the girl in the picture – what would you ask her? How many questions can you think of? Remember our question words –  who, what, why, where, when – can you show your grown up the actions for the words? How is another good question word.



Review sounds sent home on the sheet and from last week ff, ll, ss, zz – remind children these are 2 letters 1 sound.

Introduce new 2 letter one sound ‘ch’ as in chip and chop.

Practice writing the sound.

Sound swap: fizz – bizz – bill

Read: chip fill buzz

Write: zip big dad

Dictate: The zip is big.


Review  – sh, ch, ng, th, wh, ai, ay

Explain  to the children that we are learning the ee sound as in bee, there are 4 different ways to spell it:

e ea ee y

We are going to use ee, e and y this week.  ee ea are usually in the middle of words e and y at the end.

Read and underline ee: bee, feet, need, seen

Write: keep, three, meet

Read polysyllabic words – words with two syllables. Draw a line in the word at the end of the first syllable like this mag|net, ask the children to read the first part – mag then read the second part – net then read together – magnet.

magnet, dustbin, Batman

Dictate: I need seeds for my tree.


Review: sh, ch, ng, ck, qu, th, wh, ai, ay ee, e, ee, y, igh, ie, oa, ow, oo, ar

Introduce new 2 letter one sound: or as in for and cork it can be spelled in different ways: or aw a ar au al. We are learning the or and aw spellings. Practice writing or and aw.

Read and underline or/aw: fork, hawk, squawk, pork

Write: night, food, bark

Read polysyllabic words – words with two syllables: forklift, porkpie, afraid

Dictate: The horse fell on the straw.



Share one of your own books with your grown up or choose another from the Oxford Owl. Grown ups – can you ask the children some questions about what they are reading such as “What do you think might happen next?” “How is … feeling? how do you know?” This will help with their comprehension skills. Thank you!


Here is Michael Rosen reading We’re going on a Bear Hunt, can you act out the actions with him?

If you need more physical activity to tire you out there is always Joe Wicks PE (look for P.E with Joe on Youtube) and Cosmic Yoga

Have a great day! 🙂

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