Jasmine Active Monthly Year Band Competition Results- February

You have all continued to fully engage with your Real PE at Home learning through Jasmine, and so many of you have shared your wonderful activities/ adventures with the PE Team. We are now up to 370 students logins and all of you who have logged in this month should have received your Jasmine Access Login Certificate. This month we have also had five Real PE at Home Stars of the Week. All of these pupils were rewarded for their outstanding commitment and dedication to staying active at home and taking control of their own learning.

The PE team have finalised the Jasmine Active Monthly Competition results for February. Remember each child who has earned a Jasmine Access Login certificate will have earned their year band 1 point (except year 6 who gain 2 points as they only have one class of 30) and every child who was awarded a Real PE at Home Star of the Week certificate will have earned 5 points for their year band. The final results for February are as follows:

  • 1st- Year 5 (16 points)
  • 2nd- Year 6 (15 points)
  • 2nd-Year 3 (15 points)
  • 4th- Year 2 (10 Points)
  • 5th- Year 4 (7 points)
  • 5th- Year 1 (7 points)
  • 7th- Reception (1 point)

Congratulations to Year 5 for winning the February competition, the overall scores are very close towards the top of the leaderboard so keep logging in and scoring points for your year group.

The points have now been reset, who will be crowned the March Jasmine Active Monthly winner?

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