Reception Home Learning Thursday 2nd April

Good morning children and parents! Thursday is here, are you nearly ready for the weekend? Just two more days to go! Here are your challenges for the day…



Have a look at these pictures and see if, without counting, you can estimate how many are there. Remember an estimate is like a sensible guess and it doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong.

Then, take a look at this activity from Nrich maths here:


Write a sentence about your favourite animal. My favourite animals are cats. This was my first sentence. Cats are furry. Then I realised it didn’t say much so I thought again and added some more to it and some adjectives (describing words). Cats have soft fur and a long tail and they purr.  Can you challenge yourself and write more than one sentence?

Speech and Language

Tell your grown up what you are missing about school, talk in full sentences.



Review sounds sent home on the sheet and  ff, ll, ss, zz and ch – remind children these are 2 letters 1 sound.

Practice writing p j g

Sound swap: mud – much – such

Read: huff, chap, such, chill

Write: fox, mill, tap,

Dictate: The fox sat up.

Read: Re – read yesterday’s book. The first two parts of this book, Sun hat fun and Pop!


Review  – sh, ch, ng, th, wh, ai, ay and the ee sound and it’s different spellings: ee, e, and y

Practice writing g y j

Sound swap: keep- beep- sheep- sleep

Today focussing on y again

Read and underline y: smelly belly jelly

Write: dolly, carry, tally

Read polysyllabic words – words with two syllables. Draw a line in the word at the end of the first syllable like this mag|net, ask the children to read the first part – mag then read the second part – net then read together – magnet.

pigpen, sunlit, zigzag

Dictate: Can you carry the dolly? Children might need help writing a question mark.

Reading: Re-read Nip and Chip


Review: sh, ch, ng, ck, qu, th, wh, ai, ay ee, e, ee, y, igh, ie, oa, ow, oo, ar, or, aw

Read: preen, fleet, float, flaw, mail

Write: pork, saw, fork, food

Read polysyllabic words – words with two syllables: sawmill, jackdaw, parkland

Dictate: I had a fort it was big and had straw.

Reading: Re-read Spots!



Join in with Big Bird down on Sesame Street and have a dance party!

Don’t forget PE with Joe and Cosmic Yoga too!

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