Good Afternoon Year 2!

Good afternoon Year 2! I hope you’ve had a lovely first day learning from home with your families today. It was great to see some of the things you have been doing. You’ve been working very hard already!

I wasn’t at school today but I’ve also been learning and working at home. This morning, I learnt that Year 7 maths is a bit challenging but I stuck with it and helped my son get his school work done. I also learnt Year 10 History is very exciting but also quite complicated! I then had a little look at what you have all been up to today, replied to your messages and planned a few exciting things for next week.

In the afternoon, I went out into the garden and worked with my boy to prepare our vegetable patch ready for the summer. We were very pleased to see some of our vegetables from last year were still growing! We picked some to go in our dinner tonight. He was able to tell me lots of science about how and why the vegetables had grown. Can you remember what a plant needs to grow?


Have a lovely evening, keep working hard! See you all soon. 🙂

Miss Battams

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