Reception Home Learning Tuesday 24th March

Tuesday 24th March

Dear children,

How was your first day doing your learning at home? We hope that you did all your jobs. We have asked your grown ups to let us know how you are getting on and to send us pictures of your work.

We have put the traps out for the dinosaurs – we can see that they are eating the food that we have left out but it seems that they are nocturnal dinosaurs. (Can the children remember what nocturnal means? Sleeps during the day). We will let you know what happens.

Independent jobs
Today’s independent job is a maths job. Pick a number between 1-10 or 1-20 and write it down and then write the number one more or one less than that number. You can use your number track or number formation board to help you.


All – say all the sounds on the sound sheet sent home in the pack.


Review and practise writing new sounds – ll ss zz ff

Sounds swap – yell – bell – bill

Read – kiss  off  fizz   hill

Write – Bill  doll  buzz

Dictate – Bill got a doll


Review new sounds – ai ay

Practise writing – p q

Sounds swap – chim – cham – ram – dram

Read – pain, fail, spray, way

Write – trail, snail, day, way

Dictate – The snail left a trail.


Review and practise writing oo   ar

Read  – food  boat  smelly   midnight  legroom playroom

Write – root  broom  farm  harm

Dictate – The shark had sharp teeth.  It might harm the ship.

Joe Wicks PE You tube channel (it starts at 9am) 30 minutes of exercise.

Practise writing the alphabet on the lined paper remembering which letters are tall (in between the 2 solid lines), which are small letters (in between the dotted line and bottom solid line) and tail letters (in between the dotted line and below the solid bottom line).

Speech and Language
Today we would like you to ask your grown-ups some questions. Remember questions start with question words – how, what, which, when, where, how many and need an answer. You are not telling your grown up something. Maybe you could ask them about when they went to school, or what their favourite food is or where they would like to visit in the world!! (please encourage the children to talk in full sentences and make sure that they are listening to your answers).


Write at least one sentence about what your grown up has told you.

Cut out the numbers 1-20 and put in order. Play one more one less (adult to say a number and child to say one more than that number and one less. Extension is 2 more and less)
Look around your house and find something that is shaped like a cube, cuboid, prism, sphere and cylinder. Try to describe the shape to your grown up (for example, a cylinder has 3 faces – 2 are circles and one is curved, a cube has 6 square faces).

Ask your grown up to read a book to you, follow the words with your finger and stop at every tricky word e.g. I, the, was, to, go, he, me, my, said, look

Parents/Carers – let us know how you are getting one – if you cannot do all of this please prioritise the phonics, reading and writing tasks.

Thank you

The Reception Team


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