British Science Week Poster Competition!

This year, we will be taking part in the national competition. To enter, you need to create a poster on one side of A3 or A4 paper about the theme of growth.

Your poster must be colourful and informative and should be as creative as you can make it. It should tell us all about the growth of something, for example how an animal grows, the growth of plants or the growth of technology.

We will be awarding three prizes within our school to our favourite entries:

1 prize for EYFS

1 prize for Key stage 1

1 prize for Key Stage 2.

These entries will then be submitted to the national British Science Week finals. Winners will be announced on this page and the school newsletter.

Please hand your entries to your class teacher by Wednesday 30th March. Late entries can not be accepted.

Below are the winning posters from last years competition.

Early Years

Key Stage1 winner


Key Stage2 Winner.


For more details and information about the national competition prizes, you can visit the British Science Week page

Poster competition – British Science Week


Good Luck and get creating!!


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