Reception week commencing 8th March – Science Week

It was lovely to welcome all the children back into school this week – most were happy to be back!  We have quickly re-established our routines and high expectations for behaviour.  Some of the children are very tired so we will work on building their stamina back up.

This week has been Science Week and we have learnt some new words – science, scientist, experiment, prediction and astronaut.  Ask your child if they can tell you what all these words mean – they should know.

We have done a science experiment everyday this week – here are pictures of what we have done – see if they can tell you about them using scientific language.  We learnt who the first man who walked on the moon was (Neil Armstrong), which country he was from (America) and the name of his spacecraft (The Eagle).  Again, you could ask your children about this to see if they have been listening in class.

The children were also involved in a whole school challenge from Ms Battams to make a vehicle for a space rock (chocolate egg) to travel down a zipwire.

Our experiments

We have also all been working hard as scientists in the laboratory.

We have settled the children back into doing phonics and in maths remembering all the number bonds to 5 (5 and 0, 4 and 1, 3 and 2, 2 and 5, 1 and 4 and 0 and 5) as well as practising subtraction using different maths equipment.

Just a reminder that the doors open at 8.45am and we would like all the children in by 8.55am please.

Have a lovely weekend

The Reception Team

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