Year 6 – Thursday 6th January 2022

Morning Challenge:



This half term, we are going to be studying William Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’.

What can you remember about this play?

What do you think the play might be about?


Tempest – a violent windy storm.


Now you know what the word tempest means, does that change what you thought? How?


Write a short prediction about what you think the play might be about.



Have a look at the picture below:


What are your first impressions of these characters? Why?


These characters are called Prospero and Miranda. They are a father and daughter that have been living on an island.


What do you think their relationship is like? Why?


Below is a scene that explains how Prospero and Miranda came to be on the island. Read through it.


Miranda and Prospero’s Back Story – Act 1, Scene 2


  1. ‘Tis far off

And rather like a dream than an assurance

That my remembrance warrants. Had I not Four or five women once that tended me?


  1. Twelve year since, Miranda, twelve year since,

Thy father was the Duke of Milan and A prince of power.


  1. My brother and thy uncle, call’d Antonio…

…he whom next thyself

Of all the world I loved and to him put

The manage of my state


  1. in my false brother

Awaked an evil nature…he did believe

He was indeed the duke


  1. they hurried us aboard a bark,

Bore us some leagues to sea; where they prepared

A rotten carcass of a boat, not rigg’d,

Nor tackle, sail, nor mast; the very rats

Instinctively had quit it


  1. Here in this island we arrived; and here

Have I, thy schoolmaster, made thee more profit

Than other princesses can that have more time

For vainer hours and tutors not so careful.


Go through each paragraph and see if you can work out what it is saying.

When you have had a go, click on the link below to see if you were correct.

Scene translated






Today, we are going to recap on how to simplify fractions.

What can you remember?

Go through this PowerPoint, reading the information and completing the tasks. (If you can’t open PowerPoints into a slide show, e-mail me and I will send you the tasks separately).

Simplifying fractions



Have a look at the following words:

Peer Pressure

Would do you think this means?

Go through the information on the PowerPoint below:



Write an explanation that explains the following:

  • What peer pressure is;
  • What positive peer pressure is;
  • What negative peer pressure is.

Independent Reading:

Spend some time reading a book of your choice. Let me know what you are reading.




One thought on “Year 6 – Thursday 6th January 2022

  • 9th January 2022 at 9:22 am

    The Tempest is a play about magic, betreyal, love and forgivness. It is set on an island where Prospero, Duke of Milan, and his daughter, Miranda, live with a sprite called Ariel and a strange thing called Caliban.
    The meaning of the word Tempest only makes you more aware of what happened at the beggining where the ship crashed (since a Tempest hit the ship).
    Prospero looks as if he has the ‘I told you so’ look or as if he is an ignorant because he opens his eyes so wide and is doubting in every word Miranda says. Though she looks forgiving since she is kneeling and looks a bit blind because she is reaching out to touch him. She is tattered because here hair is tangled and dress ripped. Their relationship must be close since they are stranded on an island and since they are one family.
    I remember nearly everything from this topic. Simplifing fractions is having a fraction and ‘making it smaller’ but keeping it the same value. 15/30 simplified is 2/4 but then in it’s simpilest form it is ½
    Peer preassure is the act of people he same age trying to get you to do something. Postitive: Your peers are convincing you to help/do something good. Negative: Your peers are forcing you to do something bad (e.g. robbery).
    Independant Reading
    I was reading Christian Falk’s ‘Fc Bayern, Untold stories of football’s superpower’.


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