Year 5 – Monday 27th September



mill girl week 3

Read through the first days text.

What is happening?   IF you had to give an emotion for each paragraph what would they be?   How is mum feeling?    What words tell you this?


This week we’re looking at commas.  Look at slide 3,  this lists some different ways we can use commas.

Now look at the sentences on slide 4. Can you write another example for each type of sentence?



Look at the picture.  What do you notice?

Can you draw a numberline including negative numbers?

Try these calculations 5 – 10.      6 – 9           7- 10

-3 + 8            -10 + 13                 -2 + 2



Look at lesson 3 on the powerpoint-  a year

Watch the videos and then create your own diagram to show what a year is in Space.

3 Year 5 Science Powerpoint Autumn Term 2 Earth and Space UPDATED FOR 2021-2022


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