Reception Learning – Week Commencing 05/07/2021

Our week began with transition day and the children’s first taste of Year 1 life! Miss Simons, Mrs Roberts, Miss Bishop and the year 1 support staff all commented on the children’s excellent behaviour and said they had a brilliant day with them all. We are confident the children are going to transition well into year 1 and they were all very excited to tell us what they had been up to. 

We have had a very interesting week in Reception.

Our vocabulary has been:

Endangered: animals or plants that could disappear and become extinct

Extinct: animals or plats that have disappeared and are no longer around

Environment: difference places around the world

Pollution: things that are put into the environment that are harmful to animals, people and plants


We looked at some extinct animals and the different environments they lived in. We thought carefully about why they have become extinct and how we could stop it from happening to endangered animals. We also watched a video and read a story about pollution in the ocean. 

The children came up with lots of ideas for preventing more pollution from getting into the environment. The children went for a litter pick around the school grounds and discussed ways of keeping our school and homes clean from litter. We also thought about items that could be recycled and reused in different ways.

In maths we have been looking at money. We looked at the different value of coins. The children had a go at ordering the coins according to their value rather than size. They were very good at this! They know that £1 has 100 pennies in it and £2 is 200 pennies! Children love exploring and handling real coins. If you have any loose change lying around at home see if they can identify the coins to you and maybe even order them. We moved on to different ways of making amounts of money. E.g. 3p = 1p,1p, 1p OR 2p and a 1p. etc. We then had a shop and the children had to use the correct coins to buy the items they wanted. This would be another great game to play at home! 

It is sports day on Monday so could children please come into school in their PE kit. If it is warm they will need to have a sunhat, water bottle and have had sun cream applied before coming in. Children will NOT need to be in PE kit on Tuesday.

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