Lings Active Travel Week

Some of our young leaders attended the Northamptonshire Sport Young Leaders Conference and were tasked with creating a project that would have a positive impact on our school community. With the support of the PE team and the school council they have created the ‘Lings Active Travel Week’ which goes live on Monday 10th May. Here are our young leaders to explain how the week will work:

Active Class Competition

Each day the class teachers and school council representatives will take a register of how our pupils got to school, whether that is by car, bike, scooter, bus etc. Each form of active travel used per day will gain a point for their class. At the end of the week the class with the most active travel points will win a class prize.

Active Travel Poster/ Persuasive Writing Competition

Alongside our active class competition we will also be running a creative competition. To enter this competition pupils need to create either a poster or piece of persuasive writing to encourage more people to use active travel. All entries must be handed into their teachers by Friday 14th May. The school council will judge all of the entries and select a winner from each year group who will be awarded a prize.

Why is this week so important?

Over the last year many people have found it difficult to stay active. Using active travel to get to and from school is a simple and easy way to complete some of your 60 active daily minutes. However, in other countries across the world active travel is the only way for children to get to school. Here are our young leaders  explaining some of the extraordinary and dangerous journeys children face across the world and explain how their journey to school is very different.


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