Reception’s Learning Week Commencing 26th April

We have been a hive of activity in Reception this week – our tadpoles are growing legs, the caterpillars are making cocoons and our beans (that enjoyed light, water and warmth) are beginning to really grow quickly – the children have loved watching the bean’s progress and are very excited to check on them everyday.

And here are our cocoons –

This week in literacy we learnt the story of the Enormous Turnip.  All you children should be able to tell you the whole start them off you could say ‘Once upon a time there was a farmer who was…..’  Having acted out the story and learnt to tell it,  the story the children then wrote it out.  So many did so brilliantly as their confidence with writing improves.  Our vocabulary this week was turnip, heave, budge and enormous (and words that also mean enormous such as huge, massive, large etc.).  Again, please do ask your children what these mean.

In maths we have been practising subitising again – that is when you recognise the number of things without having to count e.g. on the face of a dice.  We were also practising counting on which is when you add 2 numbers by putting the first in your head and then counting on.

The children have really enjoyed being outside this week.  Please do not worry that they come home muddy – it means that they have been busy in the garden or the mud kitchen.  It is inevitable that this will happen so please do not send them in designer outfits for PE.  As a reminder PE kit should be plain black shorts/track suit bottoms and a plain black or white tops.  Please do not send children in with motif or different colour tops.  Also, now that shops are open all children should be wearing full school uniform.

Thank you to all the parents who are working with us on the Healthy Lunchbox initiative.  We are encouraging the children to eat all their healthy choices before the other things but even better if everything in their lunchbox is healthy!

We hope that you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.  When we return we will be having a week learning about bees.

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Best wishes


The Reception Team


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