Reception’s Learning – 12th April

Welcome back to everyone after the Easter Holiday – we have come straight back into a busy week and have been learning about Spring. The children have coped well with the return to school after 2 weeks off and are excited to be able to be playing outside in our lovely outdoor area again.

Our vocabulary for this week has been around Spring and the other seasons – show your child this picture and ask them which season is which – they should be able to tell you –

Our other words were

Germinate – when a seed begins to grow – the children should be able to tell you what a seed needs to grow as we have been writing about it this week.

If you show them this picture they should also be able to tell you what it is the arrows are pointing at!

Both classes have begun a bean growing experiment – we are growing bean seeds in different conditions one bean has water and sunlight, one bean has water but no sunlight and one has sunlight but no water, Mrs Tucker also has one in the fridge.

We are keeping a close eye on the beans every day to watch for changes.

This is Mrs O’Hagan’s bean with water and sunlight – as you can see – no change yet!

In maths this week we have been thinking about 2D flat shapes – square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon and circle, and the 3D shapes cube, cuboid, sphere, hemishphere, pyramid and cone. We looked at shapes in the real world and the children were really good at spotting them – ask them to find as many shapes as they can at home and while you are out and about.

Now that clothes and shoe shops are open once more we ask that your children are now coming to school in full uniform – black shoes for boys and girls, grey trousers or skirt/dress, white polo shirt or shirt and a blue jumper – this does not need to be branded. Many thanks.

Have a good weekend where the sun will hopefully continue to shine!

Best wishes from the Reception Team.


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