Reception Home Learning – Wednesday 10th February

It is Wednesday today, the middle day of the week. We have lots more for you to do today. All the adults that work in Reception have been very busy getting things ready for you, and I know they have all been practicing their dances! Mrs O’Hagan is still feeling confused about fiction and non-fiction, she has found another book she isn’t sure about…have a look and see if you think the books are fiction or non-fiction…Now to phonics!

Group A


Group B

Group C


Today you are going to to be writing about the elves from yesterday’s story, if you didn’t watch it yet, go back to yesterday’s post, if you did watch it yesterday, you will probably need to watch it again! But first listen to Mrs O’Hagan explain what you need to do…

Maths starter

Please choose session 4


Today we are going to be doing some subtraction using numicon

Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to go hunting!

Physical –

Fairy dance part 3


Mrs Szabo is reading Cinderella – there is a very important fairy in this story.

Lots for you to do today, we hope you enjoy yourselves! Have a great day and see you all tomorrow.

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