NPAT Reading Bingo challenge!

             LINGS LAUNCH OF THE NPAT Reading Challenge 2021

“Reading builds character”


 HAPPY WORLD BOOK DAY. Welcome to this year’s NPAT Reading Challenge! We are launching today and your teachers will provide you with paper copies from Monday 8th March 2020.


The theme of this year’s challenge is “Reading builds character”. Reading really DOES build character – it helps us to learn about other people and the world around us, and therefore to grow as a person. Books are also FULL of characters, from the magical (Harry Potter) to the mad (Supertato) to the horrible (evil Miss Trunchbull).


This year, we want you to imagine and design your own character… but there’s a catch!  You can only start with ONE body part. This is your chance to be creative you can use on item of junk modelling for each body part or draw your characters (we have the body parts you can use and these will be available from next week). To create your amazing character you must complete reading challenges to earn your face, body parts and accessories…



  • You must start with ONE piece of ‘junk’ for your character’s body or one body part. This could be a cereal box; a tin of beans, a toilet roll tube – it’s up to you.
  • You can complete any reading challenges you want, in any order. For every challenge you complete, you get to choose ONE new part for your character. Make sure you colour in the completed challenge on your sheet.
  • For each of the first 5 Challenges you complete, choose one part from the Funny Faces section.
  • For your 6th to 10th Challenges, choose one part from the Body Bits section.
  • If you complete more than 10 Challenges, you can have a free choice from Funny Faces, Body Bits or Awesome Accessories for each additional challenge.
  • Now it’s time to assemble your character! You can use scissors, glue, pens and paints, as well as all the parts you have earned, to create the best character possible.
  • Once your character is complete, complete the Reading Builds Character Description Card and take a photo with it in front of your finished model.
  • Share your photo with your teacher – they will tell you how best to do this. Your teacher will also let you know when you can bring your model to school for our Reading Builds Character Parade!


  • Submit a photo of your junk character to your teacher by Friday 16th April and you will receive a coveted NPAT Reading Challenge certificate.
  • Your school will choose some winning entries to be entered in a prize draw to win a £10 book voucher.
  • The school with the highest number of characters over all will be awarded the

             NPAT Reading Challenge Trophy!


Have fun reading and building!

Don’t forget the deadline… must have your photos/models in by Friday 16th April.


Reading Challenges

“Reading builds character”


Challenges 1-5: Choose one part from the Funny Face section for each challenge completed.

Challenges 6-10: Choose one part from the Body Bits section for each challenge completed.

Challenges 10+: You can have a free choice from Funny Faces, Body Bits or Awesome Accessories.


Below are the documents that you will need however, your teacher will give you a paper copy on Monday 8th March but feel free to get started now!

Reading challenges

Body Parts Sheet


If you have any questions ask your teacher or e-mail:


Good luck and enjoy!




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