Busy week in preschool (week beginning 5.10.2020)

Dear Parents/Carers,


Preschool have been busy this week. Here are some of our busy children.


In group time we have been looking at naming our body parts e.g. eyes, nose, mouth and ears and what they do.

What do we use our eyes for?

What do we use our noses for?

What do we use our mouth for?

We had great fun drawing around one of the children and labelling parts of our body.


We have also been working on our manners, saying please and thank you also hello and goodbye.

We have seen some lovely manners this week especially at snack time.


All the children are trying very hard with their independence to by putting on their own coats, taking off and putting on their shoes and socks.

In P.E we have worked on moving in a variety of ways by being animals. The children really enjoyed this and listened very well too.


Well done Preschool what a great week, have a lovely weekend.


The Preschool Team


Have a lovely weekend

The preschool team



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