Year 4 History 01.03.21

Good afternoon year 4,


I want you to think back to the English we did before Christmas, the Anglo-Saxon boy. Can you remember Magnus and his father Harold Godwinson who were trying to befriend the king so that he could take over as king when he died? This history leads on from this.


Click the link and read through the story of what happened when the king died and how it lead to the battle of Hastings.


Create a comic strip outlining the events of 1066 and the Battle of Hastings. I have given you both a blank template and one with the sentences filled to help you understand how to separate the events. You need to draw a picture to go with each of the sentences.


See the powerpoint below for extra information on the events, don’t worry if you can’t access it, you can just use the slides on BBC Bitesize.

Send your work to the year 4 email.

Battle of hastings comic strip

Battle of hastings PowerPoint


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