Pre-school Home Learning Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning to all our lovely preschool children,

We hope you are all okay. What is the weather like today? Have a look outside your window and see. Is it sunny, windy, cloudy? Or could it be raining?

Here is Mrs Webb singing the Days of the Week song:

Remember, our zoom registration is on today at 11am. Here is the link:

We look forward to seeing you there.

Home Learning


It is time for our listening job. What do we need to do first? That’s right, switch on our listening ears! See if you can guess what animals you can hear in Mrs Whitestone’s book.


Your maths activity for today is to do some sorting. It is a very important job that you will do lots as you get older! I bet you see your grown ups sorting socks, food, toys…. Today Mrs Whitestone needs your help to sort her wooden animals. Some of them live at the zoo and some at the farm.

Speech and Language

Today we would like you to have a look at the pictures below and tell us something about them. You could talk about the animal, what it looks like or maybe even what you think it is doing. We look forward to seeing some videos of your sentences! Here Mrs Whitestone gives you some examples with the photograph she chose.


Can you move like an animal? Here is Merryn moving like different animals, can you copy what she does?

Story Time

Time to snuggle up with a toy or a blanket and enjoy this lovely story about a tiger!

Great job today everyone! Keep up the great work!

The Pre-School Team

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