Reception Home Learning Tuesday 2nd March

Before we begin here are our reminders for coming back to school.

  • Please please remember to send your child into school on Monday with their phonics folder containing thier board, pen (understandably some of these will have run out and do not need to be returned) and rubber – this is the most important thing to remember as we need them to be able to continue teaching phonics in school.
  • Please return the dice, number track and part-part whole laminated sheet in the large plastic home learning wallets but feel free to keep the other resources.
  • Please remember to book a hot dinner for your children – unless they are having a packed lunch.
  • Packed lunches need to be healthy and balanced – a sandwich or wrap, a piece of fruit, a yoghurt and a biscuit is plenty of food for a child in Reception, often children have so much food they struggle to eat it. No sweets and chocolate bars.
  • Please send in any work that your child has been doing at home as we will stick it into their books when they return to school.
  • Tuesday is PE day, the children should come into school wearing their PE kit, if it is cold, of course they can wear their jumpers and leggings/joggers.
  • Additional Snack The council provide a fruit snack everyday free of charge, but we ask for ¬£1 per week to provide the children with an additional snack to have during our ‘Snack and Chat’ sessions.
  • Thank you

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday’s home learning. This time next week we will be in school and it will be PE day! So to today – we have a wonderful story about art in Literacy, but first, time for phonics!

Phonics A

Another day of reading and writing words with the /ai/ sound.

Phonics B

You lucky children, today you have some more new sounds today! You will be learning sh and ch.

Phonics C


We will be continuing with our subtraction theme in our main lesson today…


Please select session 2 for today’s White Rose starter


Subtraction on a numberline



Today we will be listening to the first part of a fantastic story called Katie and the Starry Night – the Starry Night is a famous painting by the artist Van Gogh – Katie goes to see it in an art gallery. We will stop half way through and Mrs O’Hagan asks you to make a prediction about what you think will happen next…


We know you have done these actvities before but it is always good to revisit them, particulalry now we are coming back to school. It all helps with pencil control. All you will need some small squares of tin foil.

Expressive Arts and Design


Mrs Henderson has found a very interesting story about art…there are some strange things in some of his pictures – see if you can spot them!

We hope you are all feeling inspired and arty and that you are enjoying our artweek so far, have a great day everyone, see you over on Tapestry!

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