Year 2 Home Learning – Tuesday 9th February

Good morning Year 2!

Keep up the good work! We’ve seen some great work that has been emailed to us, and we’d love to see more.

Remember we have a zoom register at 10.20am every morning. It is important you log in to this on time so that we can say good morning to each other, complete an online activity as well as explaining our work for the day. A link for this has been sent to the parent email you have registered at school. Please email us at the Year 2 email address if you need a new link sending to you.
Please bring paper and a pencil/pen to the zoom register.

Please remember to comment on the blog when you have completed your tasks, and to email us your completed work so we can see what you have been doing and support you if needed. Work can be emailed to
Have a great day and we will be waiting for you when we can all go back to school together!

Miss Duncan, Miss Battams and the rest of the Year 2 team.


Here is today’s home learning tasks


English – Reading

Below is Miss Mann explaining today’s reading task. Today, our reading focus is all about The Rainforest.

Here is today’s text.

What is a Rainforest?

A rainforest is a type of forest that has a tropical climate. This means that the weather there is very warm all year round. It also rains a lot! In many rainforests, the canopy (the top branches and leaves of the trees) is so thick, the ground under the trees is always dark. This also means that when it rains, it can take ten minutes for the water to reach the ground!

The Sumatran Rainforest.

The climate of Sumatra is hot and humid, which means it gets a lot of rain. These are perfect conditions for a rainforest! The island is home to more than 200 species of mammals. Nine of these can only be found on Sumatra and nowhere else in the world. There are also more than 580 types of birds, 300 freshwater fish species and more than 90 types of amphibians.


Here are today’s comprehension questions:

  • Name 2 words to describe the climate of Sumatra.
  • What is the canopy layer?
  • Why can the rain take up to ten minutes to reach the ground of the rainforest?
  • Explain what a rainforest is in one sentence.
  • What does a tropical climate mean?
  • What do you infer will happen to the rainforest if it stops raining?

Remember to answer in full sentences. Please comment on the blog or email the Year 2 account with your reading responses.


English – Writing

Today we are going on an adventure using our imagination.

Below is a guided tour video on our journey in the rainforest.  Watch the video and join in with the tour.

Once you have completed your tour on the rainforest you are going to write about your adventure.

Below are some examples of sentences openers you can use.

In the glorious rainforest I can see..

At I walk on the muddy floor I can hear…

I feel …. when I am in the wonderful rainforest.

Remember to write about your adventure in full sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Try and included adjectives in your writing to make the reader feel like they are there.



Below is Miss Mann’s Phonics lesson for Tuesday. You can pause the video at anytime so that you have enough time to read, write and check your work.

Please let us know how you get on by sending your work to the Year 2 email account.




Watch the following video, completed the tasks explained and solve the following problems.

Click to access T-or-F-Year-2-S8-Find-the-difference.pdf

Click to access Y2-Autumn-Block-3-WO8-Find-the-difference-2019.pdf


Warm up: Wiggle your fingers up high, down low, to the side and in front of you.
Stretch your fingers out like fireworks twelve times.
Can you write the following KS1 words at least four times? Remember to leave a finger space.

* She


* Me


Tick your neatest formation and be proud of your handwriting. Remember, you should be practising writing these words down on paper and not typing them into the blog comments as this will not help develop your handwriting skills.

You can use these letter formations to help you write your letters correctly. This is the Kinetic Letters font that we teach in school.


Computing – Internet Safety

For today’s internet safety lesson, there is a video for you to watch below.


Next, here are some internet safety issues for you to think about. What should you do?

Write ONE sentence for each card. Finish the sentences below. 

1. If my online ‘friend’ asks me for my for my email address and telephone number I should…

2. If an online link asks me to type in my email address I would… 

3. If someone online asks for any personal details I will…


After you have finished the three sentences above, you can now create a poster about internet safety.

Think about:

How can we be safe on the internet? 

What should we do? 

What shouldn’t we do? 

Be as creative as you like. Feel free to complete this poster by hand, or using an electronic device. 



We hope you enjoy this wonderful story about a lion and a mouse. It is called ‘The Lion Inside’ by Rachel Bright.



Online Reading

We have an online log in which will link to some ebooks that follow our reading scheme in school. These books will allow your child to practice their phonics skills. It is a free resource. You may need to register for a free parent account to access the books.

Follow this link to log in:
Go to Oxford Owl for Home and click on enter site.
This will give you the option to choose a book recommended for your age or you can choose a book from the colour you read at school.
These are all free to read and it would be great if you could read one to someone at home.

Remember to leave us a comment on the blog to share your learning or you can email it to me at
We look forward to seeing your work!


The Year 2 Team

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