Year 2 Home Learning Heroes!


We’ve reached the end of another week of home learning and once again we have been so impressed by the work that has been sent to us. THANK YOU for working so hard again!!

Here are the home learning heroes of the week! These are the children who have emailed their work to us for us to see. Remember if you want to see your name here next week, make sure you comment on the blog posts or send your work to Have a great weekend everybody!

The Year 2 team.

Alex Z                                             Amaya                                                     Aron

Carter J                                           Conner                                                    Eduard

Japgun                                           Joshua                                                     Kornel

Lily A                                              Lilly N                                                      Louis E

Louis W                                          Mazey                                                     Mia

Monica                                           Natasha                                                 Olivia                                                      

Savanna                                         Sebastian                                               Stefania


Well done also to the children in school who have also been working hard.

This week’s language of learning word was confidence. There is also a special Set The Standard Award for the person who has shown great confidence in their home learning. This week this award goes to:

                                                                                           Louis E


Remember you can download a printable home learning certificate

Home learning certificate


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