Resources for children who are self isolating

If you child has to self isolate (or is off school recovering from illness but well enough to do some work) here are some handy resources to keep up with their learning and prevent them from falling behind.  If your child has to self isolate we will e-mail you to also provide specific support.

Phonics and Reading:

This is probably the most important thing to do daily with your child.  We will advise you which sounds they know and need to work on and send you the phonics work for the period of absence.

In addition please access –
These are a series of lessons using a different scheme to ours but the children will be able to follow. Click on Reception, play all and then start from lesson one from the right hand side.  We will advise you which to do.

Roade Phonic Hub:

Reading –
You need to register, but it is free, and there are 100s of decodable books on this site.


Watch Cbeebies Number Blocks on the CBBC I player.  We will advise you which numbers.

Topmarks – click on the Early Years Section for lots of maths games.


The Oak Academy is a national online teaching website providing lessons and resources for all primary aged children. Choose the Early Years Foundation Stage and then you can pick a maths and literacy lesson to complete each day. There are a succession of lessons on different themes – again you can either choose what interests your child or we can help you decide which will be more relevant.

The BBC also has lessons online but they do not cover the Early Years curriculum as well as The Oak Academy


In the case of a child having to self isolate we will provide a pack of resources such as paper, phonics activities, maths resources.


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