Times Tables – Friday 5th February

Today you have a set of questions to answer AND a special times tables game to play. Your first task is to have a go at the 40 questions. Can you beat your best score or time? Answers will be posted later.

Then, you have a game that can be played with somebody else in your house. It will give both of you the chance to practise your times tables!

The answers:

Here is a video explaining the game, some written instructions and a blank times tables grid for you to play on.

How to play:

  • The first player multiplies 2 numbers on the multiplication grid together and writes their answer in the blank square.
  • The next player does the same, writing their answer in a different colour.
  • Keep taking it in turns to multiply 2 numbers and write the answers in the grid.
  • If you make a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of 4 answers in a row, draw a line through it.
  • The winner is the player is the first to make 5 lines, or the one with the most lines drawn on the grid, when the grid is completed.

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