Reception Home Learning Wednesday 13th January

Welcome to Wednesday! Wednesday is the day in the middle of the week, do you know what day it is tomorrow? We have lots more learning for you today, starting, of course, with….phonics!

Phonics Group A

Reading Group A

Phonics Group B

Reading Group B

Phonics Group C

Reading Group C


Again, lets recap our vocabulary from Monday –

Here is today’s literacy challenge, it’s over to you!


Here is a link to a great Gingerbread Man game on Topmarks – this is a great resource for children and is free!

White Rose starter – here is today’s video, click session 2


Mrs Allen is back and she has another maths game for you which will keep building on your maths skills –


Mrs Webb has a great listening game for you today!

Physical Development

Today’s lesson is leads on from yesterdays but we are making it more difficult by kneeling or kneeling up.  This means the children need to be more accurate with their rolling to their partner..or wall!

Understanding the World

Mrs Allen has been very busy at home doing science experiments – this is the first one she has done, I think I might give it a try!


Mrs Whitestone has a special story about a hospital dog today – enjoy

So there you have today’s learning, we would really love to see some videos of you doing your Gingerbread Man story re-tell! I would say good luck with today’s learning, but none of you need luck because you all work so hard! Tapestry was working much better yesterday, so please head over and let us know how you get on!

Have a wonderful day.

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