Reception Home Learning Thursday 7th January

Good morning Reception Super Stars!

Great to see even more of you on the registers, we are really enjoying them. Sorry to say that Tapestry seems to be experiencing more technical issues, it did seem to be working well in the afternoon. If you can’t get on, don’t worry, just check back again later. Good to see so many posts on yesterday despite the problems.

PACKS we have put together some more paper packs for the children, similar to the ones we had during isolation.  These include their boards and pens and rubbers for phonics.  You are invited to come and collect the packs for your children on MONDAY 11th,  between the times of 1pm and 2pm.

So, here we go with today’s learning – today is Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday so it’s nearly the weekend! Let’s start with phonics –

Phonics Group A – watch out – my board falls down and might make you jump!

Reading for Phonics Group A

Phonics group B – This was recorded in our isolation period so please ignore the date.

Reading for Group B

Phonics group C – This was recorded during our isolation so please disregard the part at the start.

Reading for Group C



Another video from White Rose, select session 3.


Today we are going to do some addition, that is the proper name for adding. We did some adding using Part Part Whole yesterday, but today we are doing it a different way!


Literacy & Communication and Language –

Mrs Webb has a lovely story to read for you – It’s called What makes me a Me?

When you have heard the story Mrs Webb challenges you to think about what makes YOU a you? And then I have a challenge for you too!

Physiacal Development

Mrs Cieslik has a fine motor skills challenge for you today – she has found some helpers too!

What a busy day! I hope you enjoy today’s learning, we can’t wait to hear how you get on over on Tapestry. Have a great day 😊

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