Pre-School Home Learning Thursday 7th January

Good morning Pre-School!

How are you? We have another exciting day of activities for you.

Don’t forget our online zoom register at 11am, we really enjoy seeing you all!

Here is todays learning:


Mrs Whitestone has a listening game for you today. She has a bag with some objects she found around the house. She is going to name the objects but segment the word down into sounds. Can you listen really carefully and see if you can work out what the objects are?



You have done numbers 1 and 2. Can you guess what number your challenge might be about today? That’s right, it’s number 3!



Today we have an activity that will help make your finger muscles stronger. With the help of your grown up, you will need to find some circle shapes that you can roll.  We have used some coins, a roll of tape and different sized lids/bottle tops. Your challenge is to put the circle shapes onto their side and then see how far you can roll them. Which object can you roll the furthest? Here is a little video of our attempt.

Speech and Language

Today Mrs Webb is playing a game with farm animals. The game is called Mrs Webb has a box. In Mrs Webb’s box can you guess which animals are in there from the animal sound that she makes.


Mrs Allen has a brilliant story for you all about a dog called Hairy Maclary!


You are all working really hard at home, we are all very proud of you!

Best Wishes

The Pre-School Team



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