Hello everyone,

We hope you had a lovely weekend! It has been a busy week in preschool. The children learnt about the rainbow fish and how it is good to share. They also created some beautiful rainbow fish too.

This is our last week before we go into our summer holidays. Are you going on holiday or doing something exciting?

We thought we would set you some challenges to help get you ready for your new adventure into the reception class in September.

Challenge 1: Share a book everyday with someone. Can you retell the story using the pictures?
You could also watch the stories the teachers have read on tapestry or the blogg. has free books to look at too.

Challenge 2: Practice writing your name, remembering to start at the top and go down and when writing a,o,c,g,d and q go anticlockwise.

Challenge 3: Can you tell an adult what you are looking forward to when you start school.

Challenge 4: Can you put on and take off your own socks and shoes. Practice doing up and undoing buttons.

Challenge 5: Sing some rhymes that we have learnt at preschool. Do you know any new ones?

Challenge 6: While you are out on a walk can you find and recognise shapes in the environment.

Challenge 7: Describe the shapes. How many sides has it got? How many corners has it got?

Challenge 8: Make a diary of the activities you do during the summer holiday. You will then be able to share your special moments with your new teachers in September.

Challenge 9: Practice cutting skills. Can you cut a straight line or a circle?

We look forward to see you seeing all your lovely work and videos on tapestry! Keep up the hard work everybody!

We hope you have a lovely summer and we look forward to seeing you as you continue your journey into reception in September.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Crane & Mrs Allen

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