Monday 6th July – Year 1

Good Morning Year 1,

We hope that you had a great weekend!

Before you get started with your activities today, we have an online safety warm-up activity for you to have a go at:



Here are your first set of activities for the week:

  1. Sounds-Write Phonics



  1. Reading/Writing

Let’s listen to some more of Jack and The Beanstalk …

 We’re going to read up to this page:

(Pause video at 5:18)


Where does the beanstalk go? What is at the top of the beanstalk?

Use the above picture to help you write your description.



  1. Maths

The beginning of this week will be an opportunity to play a range of number-based games. These can be board games that you have at home – e.g. Snakes and Ladders, or free online games. Below is a range of websites through which you can access a variety games:



Enjoy your activities,

Miss Simons, Mrs Brookes and Mrs Roberts : )


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