School Games Day Timetable & scoresheet (1)

Following a great response to the Virtual Level 3 School Games challenges, we are pleased to announce that Lings Primary School has qualified for the County Finals! These will be taking place next week between Monday 6th and Thursday 9th July, and again, EVERYONE can take part. Here are the details and a copy of the scorecard that you will need to send in your scores.

• To provide an opportunity to encourage and engage as many children and young people to complete in the School Games Day, representing Lings Primary School and Northampton School Sport Partnership, at the Northamptonshire Virtual School Games Day – County Finals.

• To encourage children and young people, maybe for the first time, to represent their school in a School Games Competition by #reframecompetition.
• To engage a broad audience of children, young people, and their families, to participate in the Northamptonshire Virtual School Games Day, either at home or at school.
• To socially engage with children and young people and school communities through this virtual opportunity
• To enable children and young people of all ages, ability, ethnicity, and backgrounds to share the same platform and participate in a fun, enjoyable way, free of any fear or concerns.
• To replicate, in a virtual manner, the ‘feel’ and ‘atmosphere’ of the Northamptonshire Sport Summer School Games County Final.
How will the event be run?

Opening Ceremony
• An Opening Ceremony will be available on the Northamptonshire Sport Website from Monday 6th July 2020 and we will also post this on the school’s social media platforms and blogs. We will send in a collection of pictures which may be included in the opening ceremony. Look out for our children’s pictures on the day.
The Challenges
• All 8 sports from the weekly Virtual School Games Challenges will make up the Virtual School Games Day.
• The events will be variations of challenges posted throughout the weeks leading up to the Virtual School Games Day.
• We have created a timetable of events for Monday- Wednesday which includes a description of the event, how to score, time & day to complete the event and an equipment list.
• We have created a scoresheet for children at home and at school to completed as the week progresses. We would then ask teachers and parents to email to completed forms to the PE email ( by 5:30pm on Thursday 9th July.
• We would also like to have videos/ photos taken of participating children, which can be sent to the PE email ( so we can post them on our social media channels to demonstrate how our school is engaging in the event, like we have been done with the current weekly challenges.
• 1 point will be awarded for each Virtual School Games Day challenge completed. The PE team will collate all the scoresheets into the central School Scoring Sheet and submit on Thursday 9th July.
• Children are permitted to enter 1 score per challenge.
• Our collective school participation points will be added up and combined with all other schools in the Northampton School Sports Partnership.
• The winning School Sports Partnership will then be announced during the closing ceremony which will be live at 12:00pm on Friday 10th July.

Our children’s engagement in the Virtual School Games Challenges, Lings Sports Day Week and the Create Development Jasmine Home Lessons has been outstanding, and we want to keep their enthusiasm and enjoyment of physical education going. This is normally the biggest sporting event of the year and this is a great way for all children in the school to experience the excitement and atmosphere that only a few children ever get to experience.

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