Reception home and school learning – Friday 5th June

Hello everyone!

So it’s been a different week this week – some of us have been back in school and some are still learning from home.  Either way, we hope you have had a good week.

The children who came back to school were very excited to do so and it was lovely for us to see them.  Measures have been put in place to keep them safe – you can see below that they all have their own desk and tray of individual resources that only they may touch.  Independent learning is much reduced and all the activities involve soap or soapy water!  We’ve also spent more time outside.  We have worked the children extremely hard – they have done phonics and maths twice a day and literacy, speaking and listening, handwriting and an art activity everyday.  It’s not ideal having them sat at desks so much but they are coping well and it prepares them for the transition to Year One.  Thank you to all the parents for being so supportive and observing social distancing at drop off and collection times.

The main area where we have seen the biggest fall in attainment is in their independent writing.  This is not in writing the dictated sentences in phonics, it is then thinking of a sentence themselves and trying to use their phonic knowledge to independently write.  This is a challenge as they do not know all the sounds yet so just have to have a go and try and make their writing phonetically plausible.  So, if you are working from home please could you talk to them about something (at school we have been using an interesting picture), and ask them to think of a sentence, say it out loud and then have a go at writing it without your help.  Had we been at school, some of our children would have been writing a page or so by now, most would have been writing a few sentences and all would be able to sound out a simple sentence.

We have only heard from a handful of children who are working from home this week – please remember that we will still be in touch and you can still access and post your work on Tapestry.  Please let us know if you need anything from us to support your child’s learning so that we can try and make sure that they are as best prepared for Year One as possible.

Below are a few pictures from school this week.  We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team.



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