Friday 15th May – Year 1

Happy Friday Year 1!

What another fabulous week of home learning – well done to all of you and your parents and carers. We have enjoyed looking at the practical and investigations that you have been up to and have posted some of the pictures that you sent us onto our ‘Friday Hall of Fame – Year 1′ post! Before you get started, we would like you to click on the following link to watch Episode 1 of Jessie & Friends – an Online Safety series:

Can you remember the words to the funny tummy song? What should you do if something that you see online makes you have a funny tummy?

Here are your last set of activities for the week:

1. Sounds-Write Phonics


2. Reading/Literacy

Let’s read some more of our story …

What should Brigg do? Should he read the book? Can you explain your argument?

Write your answer in a sentence and use ‘because’ to explain your ideas.


3. Maths

Capacity and Volume

Click on this link:


4. RE

How is Chanukah the same and/or different to Christmas?

Watch this video about Chanukah:

Fold an A4 piece of paper in half and write similarities one side, and differences the other. You could also draw pictures to help explain your ideas!


Enjoy your activities and we hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

Keep smiling,

Miss Simons, Mrs Brookes and Mrs Roberts : )


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