Monday 27th April 2020 Home Learning Tasks

Good morning Year 2!

We hope you have all had a lovely and restful weekend. Just wanted to remind you that making mistakes is normal and perfectly fine. It’s all a part of learning to find the best way to do something and it shows you are trying to find your way.

Here are your learning tasks for today:

English Reading

You may have heard about Captain Tom Moore who has raised a lot of money for the NHS. We would like you to read this piece about Captain Tom and answer the questions about him.


English Writing.

Can you write a letter to Captain Tom about his fundraising. What would you say to him? Remember to think about how we lay out a letter and the kind of language we use when writing to somebody we don’t know.


Maths Basic Skills.

Can you draw the shapes, read the fraction and colour in the right number of pieces. It might help you to write the fraction in numbers before colouring them in.

Think back to our learning in class on fractions.

Whole is all of an amount or shape.

Quarter is when we share a whole into four equal parts. We write one quarter as 1/4.

Third is when we share a whole into three equal parts. We write one third as 1/3.

Half is where we share a whole into 2 equal parts. We write one half as 1/2.

The bottom number (denominator) tells you how many equal pieces your whole should be split into. The top number (numerator) tells you how many pieces you should colour to find the fraction.

Maths Main Learning Task.

Can you have a go at drawing these 3D shapes? Can you complete the information to describe the properties of 3D shapes?

Think back to our learning in class. Remember that in Year 2 we use the word vertices instead of corners.

Common Exception Word Spellings.

These words are very important to help us make our writing sparkle. Instead of handwriting this week we are going to practice reading and spelling these as it is important we practice these.

Can you read these 12 words to whoever is helping with your learning.

Can you copy these words twice, having a good look at the spellings as you write them.

Can you now have a go at spelling the words. Get your helper to read the word to you so that you can spell it and see how many you can get right.

door                                            mind

floor                                            behind

poor                                            child

because                                      children

find                                             wild

kind                                            climb



It is important that we practice spelling phonetic sounds in all of the different ways they can be written. It helps us to read and write words that they are in several times so you should follow all the steps to help you practice.

We are going to focus on the sound ‘ae’. This is pronounced as ‘ay’ as in play. 

There are 8 different spellings of this sound. This sound can be spelt as

ai  as in rain

ay as in play

a-e, (the spelling is split in the word) as in make

ey as in they

ea as in great

eigh as in eight

ei as in vein

a as in apron

Can you read these words with the sound ‘ae’

plate,  greater,  grain,  Sunday,  they,  sleigh,  baby,  rein    

Can you write the words below thinking about which spelling of the sound they have. Ask an adult to read the word for you to so you can try to spell it. Remember there is one word for each spelling of the sound so you can’t use the same spelling more than once.

train,   make,    steak,   neigh,   veins,   grey,   stray,    angel 

Can you sort these words into the correct boxes? Look carefully at the spellings of the sound in each word. You might want to draw the table to help you.



You’ve heard of the Great fire of London but did you know Northampton had a great fire too? Can you do some research to find out some interesting information about the fire of Northampton that you could share with us? You can present this however you would like to. It might be a leaflet, a poster or a fact file.


Story time.

Can you complete another one of Bella’s reading challenges or can you read a story where there is a hero who does something great like Captain Tom Moore?


Remember to leave us a comment on the blog to share your learning or you can email it to us at Get in touch with us via the email if you have any questions about today’s learning. We look forward to seeing your work!

MIss Battams and MIss Duncan 🙂






7 thoughts on “Monday 27th April 2020 Home Learning Tasks

  • 27th April 2020 at 1:56 pm

    To Tom did you ask to be a soljer or were you the leeder? How long were you in the wor for? Well dun for all the hard werk and well dun for all the mony you hav raisd. £1000 to £12 million. From Elliot

    • 27th April 2020 at 2:03 pm

      Hi Miss Battams, I’ve nearly done all my work today. I liked all my jobs, some of them were tricky but I still got them done. I got all the spellings right! 😃👍👂✍

      • 27th April 2020 at 4:47 pm

        Great job Elliot! It’s alwasy good to have things that are a little tricky as it helps get our brains working and challenges are fun!
        Great job on the spellings too!

        MIss Battams 🙂

  • 27th April 2020 at 2:23 pm

    Hi miss Duncan and Miss Battams I loved my work today I have completed all my tasks for today and I have been working very hard from matthew
    Ps I read under the stars and under a tree and have completed my reading challenge 💙😁

    • 27th April 2020 at 4:46 pm

      Great job Matthew! I’m glad you enjoyed your work and it sounds like your reading was exciting!
      Miss Battams 🙂

  • 3rd May 2020 at 10:26 pm


    1. How much money has Tom raised?
    Over 12 million
    2. Compare and contrast what Tom wanted to raise at the start with what he had raised by Thursday morning
    Capitain Tom wanted to raise £1000
    3. 1) Captain Tom’s first target was £1 million – False
    2) Captain Tom fought in the Second World War – True
    3) Captain Tom has completed 100 laps of his garden – True
    4) Captain Tom wasn’t surprised when he raised £2.5 million – False
    4. ‘A message said, “WOW!….cannot wait to tell Tom the news in the morning”. This suggests that…..Tom doesn’t know how much he has raised.
    5. Find and copy two things that children are doing to show support for people.
    1) Painting pictures of a rainbow
    2) Teddy Bear
    6. Tick the headlines that best summarises the story.
    Captain Tom Raises Money for NHS by Doing Laps in the Garden.

    English – Writing

    Zion Foster
    Lings Primary School

    Monday 4th May 2020

    Dear Captian Tom,

    I would like to say thank you, very much for walking and raising money for the NHS. It shows that anyone can do anything for anyone. I would like to meet you.

    Take care and stay safe

    Zion Foster


    Square-Based Pyramid – Edges -4
    Faces/Surfaces – 5
    Vertices – 5
    Cube – Edges – 12
    Faces/Surface – 6
    Vertices – 12
    Cuboid – Edges – 12
    Faces/Surface – 6
    Vertices – 16
    Cone – Edges – 0
    Faces/Surface – 1
    Vertices – 1
    Cylinder – Edges – 2
    Faces/Surfaces – 2
    Vertices – 0
    Sphere – Edge – 0
    Faces/Surfaces – 0
    Vertices – 0


    mAIn, strAIning, pAInfull, wEIGH, slEIGH, frEIGHt, vEIn, vEIl, rEIns, awAY, sprAY, plAYer, lAke, tAble, tAken, bAby, Apron, grEAt, brEAk, stEAk, grEY, thEY, prEY.


    Great Fire of Northampton – Happened September 1675, it happened near Northampton Castle. 11 people died.

    • 4th May 2020 at 3:00 pm

      I agree with you Zion. If Captain Tom can do it, anyone can!

      Miss Duncan


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