Reception Monday 20th April Home Learning

Hello Parents and Carers

We hope that you all had a great Easter break (in the circumstances) and enjoyed some family time together.  Hopefully the children feel ready to begin their learning with you again at home.  This week for phonics tasks I’ve chosen a different book to read everyday, just to consolidate the taught sounds, and to get them back into the rhythm of regular reading.  If you have not already done so you will need to login to the Oxford Owls website.  Please try and get your child to read books more than once.  However, if you cannot access the books then please re-visit last week’s phonics – we often do this after a two week break.

In maths this week we are also going to consolidate their addition and subtraction skills.

For speaking I’m going to revisit the Owl Babies story that we did earlier in the year in class.

Please let us know if you need any help or support – the best way to contact us is on  Also keep posting pictures of them up on Tapestry so that we can send your children a note or message…anything to keep them motivated and smile!

Mrs Tucker


Hello children

We hope you had a fantastic Easter break in the sunshine and have had a nice rest.  It’s very sad that we cannot come back to school yet but you need to pretend that your grown ups are your teachers and do you work for them like you do for us.  You can send us pictures of your work and all the grown ups in Reception will see it.  This week we are going to look at the Owl Baby book again – do you remember it?  First of all you can listen to me telling you the story…..

Speaking – Listen to me telling the Owl baby story, join in when you can and then tell your grown up what you like about the story.


Phonics – If you need to know which set to do A, B or C let us know – they don’t need to do all!


Write the sounds c, o, a, d, g making sure they start between the 2 lines and go in an anti clockwise direction.

Read – Rag the Rat

You could also do the games at the top of the page.

Write (dictate the sentence to them – do not copy it)  – Rag the rat has jam on him.


Write the sounds sh, ch, ng, ck, ai, ee

Read – Leek Hotpot

You could also do the games at the top of the page.

Write (dictate the sentence to them – do not copy it) – I had leek hotpot for my lunch.


Write the sounds ai, ay, ee, y, igh, ie, oa, oe, ar, oo

Read – Toad in the Road

Write (dictate the sentence to them – do not copy it).  The bright green toad sat in the road.  A car had to stop to let it run away.  The toad had a fright because he did not want to be hit.


Warm up – using fingers try doubling…double one is two, double two is four etc.

Addition – using fingers (for smaller calculations), objects (buttons, pencils, toy cars), if you have, the numicon in the resource pack or a number line (put finger on first number and count up).

4 add 2 is      5 add 3 is      8 add 2 is      7 add 5 is      8 add 6 is    – pitch at the level your child can cope with


Are you still doing Joe Wickes in the mornings?

Play the bean game – the adult says a bean name at random and the children act it out (they should know these)

Jelly Bean – wobble like a jelly

Runner bean – run on the spot

Broad bean – squat and put arms out wide

Baked bean – curl up small

French bean – say Oh La La with hand in air

Chilli bean – shiver

Jumping bean – jump up and down

Good luck with today’s activities  – let us know how you get on xx


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