Year 3 – Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning everyone, we hope you all have another fantastic day and look forward to hearing from you.

Here are today’s tasks:


Use this picture to write a short story. Remember all of the things you should include in a story.











Look at the heights of these people and answer these questions in the comments:

  1. Who is the tallest?
  2. Who is the shortest?
  3. Who is taller, Katie or Sally?
  4. Who is shorter, Pam or Michael?
  5. Put these people in order of their height starting with the tallest.

Thinking point:


Watch this video on Tornadoes:

Once you’ve watched it answer these questions in the comments:

  1. How are tornadoes formed?
  2. How long do most tornadoes last for?
  3. How far do most tornadoes travel?
  4. Where was the most dangerous tornado ever recorded?


Finished all of that? Want something else to do?

British Sign Language:

Every day at 1pm, Natasha and her sister will be teaching the nation some British Sign Language on Youtube.

They started last week, so you might want to catch up on those videos before you join in today.

Follow this link to find her Youtube channel and click on her video’s called ‘Learn Beginners British Sign Language’

BSL is an important skill that you may need to use one day, even if it is just the basics.


Story time:

Want to do some reading but have read all of your books at home?

No problem! Listening to a story is just as good as reading one.



11 thoughts on “Year 3 – Tuesday 31st March 2020

  • 31st March 2020 at 11:58 am

    A long time ago, in the dark, gigantic woods was a lonely, little girl with straight, blonde hair and blue shiny eyes.

    One day, the girl and the mother decided to go on a trip to the woods. In the woods there were chirping, humming birds and bright green trees. Also, there was a gloomy, green lake. She could smell salty, smelly water and felt deep, squishy mud under her feet. She could see a rusty, wooden swing in the middle of nowhere.

    In the woods, the girl and her mother were walking slowly in the woods but the girl was looking around suspiciously when she came across two split paths and the girl went the opposite way…

    Eventually, the girl came to a lake where she met her mum again. She saw the swing and sat on it. Suddenly, the swing became unstable and one of the ropes snapped and the girl fell into the water. The girl screamed “HELP! Mum help, please I am in the lake!” Her mum saw her and grabbed the rope from the swing and pulled her out. They lived happily.

    1. Dan is the tallest because he is 1m 73cm.
    2.Laura is the shortest because she is 102cm.
    3. Katie is the tallest because she is 146cm and Sally is 1m 23cm.
    4. Pam is shorter because she is 1m 3cm and Michael is 134cm.
    5. Dan, Katie, Michael, Sally, Pam, Laura.

  • 31st March 2020 at 1:04 pm

    1. Dan is the tallest.
    2. Laura is the shortest.
    3. Katie is taller than Sally.
    4. Pam is shorter than Michael.
    5. Dan, Katie, Michael, Sally, Pam, Laura.

  • 31st March 2020 at 1:37 pm

    Once upon a time there was a island .In that island where 4 rabbits ,2 ducks,a frog,a fox and1crocodile.

    The animals were playing until the fox came.He did that every day but the crocodile saw all this.

    One day the crocodile ran out of the lake and pulled the fox through the lake and thrown him into the van that was going to the zoo.

    Every animal had a great time.

    1)The tallest is Dan
    2)The shortest is Laura.
    3)Katie is taller then Sally.
    4)Out of Pam and Michael is Pam.

    Thinking point:
    The answer is 3.

    Tornados are formed by cold dry air and warm moist air.every
    Tornados last for 7 hours or 10minutes.
    Tornados can travel over 156 or 150km.
    Most ever records was in Bangladesh.

  • 31st March 2020 at 1:42 pm

    1. Tornadoes are rapdly rotating columns of air that reach from the storm cloud to the earth surface.
    2. Most tornadoes last for less than 10 minutes, but sometimes up to several hours.
    3. Most tornadoes travel 5 to 10 km but in some cases they travel over 150 km.
    4. The most dangerous tornado was recorded in Bangladesh in 1989 that destroyed over 20 villages and killed over 1300 people.

  • 31st March 2020 at 2:18 pm

    Q1 Dan is the tallest.
    Q2 Laura is the shortest.
    Q3 Katie is taller than Sally.
    Q4 Pam is shorter than Michael.
    Q5 Dan, Katie, Michael, Sally, Pam, Laura.

    Maths Thinking Point : I think the missing number will be 5.

    Q1 Tornadoes are rapidly rotating columns of air that reach from a storm cloud to the earth’s surface.
    Q2 Most tornadoes last for less than 10 minutes.
    Q3 Tornadoes travel between 5 to 10 kilometres before vanishing. In some cases they can last for much longer and cross distances over 150 km.
    Q4 The deadliest tornado ever recorded was in Bangladesh in 1989.

  • 31st March 2020 at 4:45 pm


    Once upon a time there was a girl called Emily who was out on a walk in the countryside with her family and found a garden.
    Emily and her family went into the garden to explore and she found a swing looking over the lake.
    Emily sat on the swing and it spoke to her saying i will make your wishes come true.
    Emily told her mum and dad who did not believe her so made some wishes.
    1) To have a swimming pool in her garden.
    2) A pet horse
    3) A baby brother or sister.

    It was time to go home and when Emily went to play in her garden she found her wishes had come true and was looking forward to going to the garden with the swing again.
    The End.

  • 31st March 2020 at 5:24 pm

    1. Dan
    2. Laura
    3. Katie
    5. Dan, Katie, Micheal , Sally ,Pam, Laura
    The number that is missing is 5
    A tornado is formed under a thunder storm called the super sails when cold dry air meets warm moist air coming from another direction . The cold air gose underneath the warm air and chases it around very fast .
    Some tornados last 10 minutes and travel to 5-10 km but some last 7 hours and travel 150 km
    The most dangerous tornado was recorded in Bangladesh 🇧🇩
    Once upon a time there was a old swing . No one knew how it got there or how it was still standing . There was a house that lived behind the swing . In the house lived a little girl she loved playing on the swing for hours she played 4 hours a day but sepreatly she played 1 hour in the morning 1 hour in the day 1 hour in noon and 1 hour in the afternoon . One day the little girl was preparing to play on the swing when she was out side the swing had caution tape around it . The girl went inside sadly and coloured instead
    A few weeks later the little girl thought the swing was fixed so she gone out but someone was told to take it down so they did . The little girl started to cry and was sulking for hours

  • 16th April 2020 at 12:07 pm

    1 Dan.
    2 Laura
    3 Katie
    4 Pam

  • 16th April 2020 at 1:11 pm

    3 Laura

  • 16th April 2020 at 1:29 pm

    Once there was a old fashioned swing which is old as a 1200 cars knowone sat on it
    because it was rusty,old.

  • 16th April 2020 at 1:38 pm

    A tornado is formed by wind in super cells.
    153 km.
    They last 10 min.
    In Bangledesh.


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