Wednesday 1st April – Year 1

Buenos Dias Year 1,

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month (with kind hands – of course)!

A few parents and carers have contacted us to say that they were unsure as to whether they had to send us evidence of their children’s work at home. You do not have to send us anything but we would love to hear from them and see their work! Thank you to those of you that have got in touch with us, as we have loved seeing and hearing about what you have been up to at home. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions, too. We will try to reply to you as soon as possible! You can email us at:

Anyway … here are today’s activities:

  1. Sounds-Write Phonics
    All Phonics Groups:
    /or/ <au>
    all previously learnt sounds.
    Read the words: pause author autumn August audition astronaut
    Write the words: pause autumn author August
    Sound Swap: chim cham ram dram drim drish frish frosh rosh romsh ramsh amsh
    Dictation: The man was an inventor. He liked cornflakes.
  2. Reading/Writing
    Read these Spring poems …

Discuss the different features of the poems. What do they all have in common? What’s different between them? Which poem is your favourite? Why?
Choose your favourite poem and pick out the key words and phrases that best describe Spring.
Write them down somewhere and keep them safe … you will need them for tomorrow’s activity!

  1. Maths
    How much money in my jar?
    Get an adult to put some money in a cup/jar.
    Can you count how much money they have all together? Can you record your findings?
    You can record using numbers, drawings, or both!
    Get your adult to change the amount inside the jar and repeat this activity as many times as you can!
    Free Twinkl Resource – follow log in advice for parents and type in search bar:
    ‘How Much Money Is in My Jar? British Money up to 10 Pounds Differentiated Worksheets’

  2. PSED
    It’s very important that we stay fit and healthy during the time that we spend at home!
    If we don’t move our bodies enough we can start to feel a bit sad, tired and unhealthy.
    Have you been joining in with Joe Wicks’ daily PE workouts? If you haven’t, you’re missing out and you need to have a go (children and adults)!
    Here’s the link to his YouTube Channel:
    We would like you to have a go at making your own PE workout video … ask an adult to film you as you demonstrate some of your favourite exercises! If your adult says that it’s okay, you could share this video with your family and friends!

    Happy Wednesday,

    Miss Simons, Mrs Brookes and Mrs Roberts : )

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