Reception Home Learning Tuesday 31st March

Welcome to Tuesday’s blog Children! Hope you had fun with yesterday’s challenges! Here are you tasks for today, get your imaginations ready! If you haven’t left us a message yet we would LOVE to hear from you! Either on here or on Tapestry, or by email


Find 5 different things in your home or in the garden, it can be anything. Can you put them in height order from the tallest to the shortest? When you have done that can you put them in order of the heaviest to the lightest? Are they in the same order still? If you have any scales at home you could ask your grown up to help you weigh them!

I had a go at my house…


By height                                             By weight

Literacy/Speech and language:

Remember George? It is your turn to be the author again – you are going to send George on his next adventure. You get to choose where George goes, how he gets there, what will the problem be and how is it fixed. Use your imagination and ask your grown up to draw you simple pictures and create a story map like this –


it only has to have stick people in it! You can then re-tell your story using the story map.



Review sounds sent home on the sheet and ff, ll, ss, zz and ch – remind children these are 2 letters 1 sound.

Practice writing e v j

Sound swap: kiss – hiss – hill

Read: much, chop, fizz, pill

Write: rag, pig, yam,

Dictate: The pig is hot.

Read the online book – The Dragon Balloon at (the children have no yet been taught the oo sound in balloon so will need help with this word)


Review – sh, ch, ng, th, wh, ai, ay and the ee sound and it’s different spellings: ea, e, and y

Practice writing l t h and d

Today focussing on e

Read and underline e: me, be, she, we, he

Write: feet, seen, me, she

Read polysyllabic words: – words with two syllables. Draw a line in the word at the end of the first syllable like this mag|net, ask the children to read the first part – mag then read the second part – net then read together – magnet.

bedbug, ratbag, windmill

Dictate: She put her feet in the paint.

Read the online book – Quiz at


Review: sh, ch, ng, ck, qu, th, wh, ai, ay ee, e, ee, y, igh, ie, oa, ow, oo, ar, or, aw

Read: saw, born, bang, moat, away

Write: claw, fork, law, blow

Read polysyllabic words: – words with two syllables: shipment, boatyard, crayfish.

Dictate: The stork drops the pack of forks.

Read online book – A Vet’s Week at


Read the online book – link under your phonics work.  If you have not already done so you need to register for free at


Today you can join in with Adam the author of the George stories doing his banana song!

You could also teach your grown up the beans game – runner bean – run, jumping bean – jump, French bean – “Oo la la!” and baked bean – make yourself small on the floor.

Have a great day! 

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