Year 2 Home Learning – Thursday 4th March

Good morning Year 2!

Happy World Book Day!

We are looking forward to seeing you all back in school soon, but for now we need to keep trying our best with our home learning. There is a little bit of information here that it is important you read, just to refresh yourself on home learning.

  1. We will continue to have our live zoom register at 10.20am. Please use the link you used before as this has not changed. If you need this resending, please email us. It is essential you attend this live zoom each morning so that you can say hello to your teachers and friends, and also to find out a little more about the day’s learning. Please bring a paper and something to write with so you can take part in any live learning.

2. It is important you send us your completed work for us to check. You can take a photo of your completed work and email this to us. We can then provide you with individual feedback on your work, and offer any help or support needed. If we do not see your          completed work, we are unable to offer praise or help to further your learning with that task. All work should be emailed to:

     3. You can also email this address during the day if you need and guidance with the tasks or have any questions about the learning,  and we will then be able to help you complete the task. Remember, you can also leave comments on the blog by scrolling down            to the bottom of the page. These could be answers to the tasks or questions on the daily blog or you could share your ideas about the learning. We look forward to seeing your work!

Have a great day, and enjoy your home learning!

Miss Duncan, Miss Battams, Miss Mann and the rest of the year 2 team.


Here are today’s home learning tasks.



Here is Miss Mann explaining todays phonics. Please pause and rewatch the video at any time.


World Book Day! – Activity 1 (Listening to a Story)

You may remember Adam from when he came to story and read his stories to us.

He and his wife Charlotte have  written a wonderful story called ‘The World Book Day Monster’.

Have a listen!

World Book Day! – Activity 2 (Designing on World Book Day Monster based your past reading knowledge)

Today you are going to create your own ‘World Book Day Monster’.

Think about any characters from your favourite books and stories and include them in your drawing,

You might have..

  • Little Red Riding Hood’s hood
  • The Big Bad Wolf’s sharp teeth
  • A knight’s strong muscles.
  • A princess’ long hair
  • A dragon’s tail

It is up to you and what character’s you can think of.

Once you have drawn your monster, label it with what character’s you have used.

World Book Day! – Activity 3 (A Book in a Window – My favourite Book)

‘A Book in a Window’

Pick your favourite book.

Draw a picture of the book that includes

  • where it is set.
  • who the characters are
  • what happens.

Write a sentence to say why it is your favourite book.

My favourite book is….because…..

Once you are finished, put it in your window so people can see it and might decide to read your favourite book.

World Book Day! – (Assembly)

Here is an special video with some authors you may recognise.

We hope you enjoy it!

Reading and Story Time

For story time today we have lots of different stories.

Click on the link and pick one of the many stories available for you to read and listen to,



Remember to leave us a comment on the blog to share your learning or you can email it to us at
We look forward to seeing your work!


The Year 2 Team

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    I love t little red ridding hood so much

    Thank you so much for posting this

    bye the way why is the the story in little red ridding hood is in the blog it have to be in its it haft be in the word book day blog


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