Year 1 (Home Learning) – Friday 5th March


We are so completely, totally proud of you all – and you should all be very proud of yourselves!

You have shown great resilience and worked so very hard during your time learning from home.

We are really looking forward to you being back at school!


Here are your final set of activities:

Online Safety



There are two Phonics (1 & 2) plans below. Please email us to find out which plan is most suitable for your child.

Phonics Plan 1
For letter sound practise:

Phonics Plan 2
For letter sound practise:


How do you feel about coming back to school?

Who are you looking forward to seeing?

Is there anything that you feel nervous about?


Write a few sentences about how you are feeling – remember to use capital letters, spaces between words and full stops.


When you have finished your sentences, you can create a ‘feelings heart’ – like the one below – to show how you are feeling about coming back to school.







Number Games

Play your favourite board game to practice your counting skills – e.g. Snakes & Ladders.

Click here to play some number games online.



Friday Fun

This afternoon, we would like you to have fun!

Choose an activity of your choice and enjoy … you definitely deserve it!



Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you (in real life) on Monday morning!
We cannot wait to see you,

Miss Simons, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Billingham : )

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