Pre-school Home Learning Thursday 25th February

Good morning to all of you,

We hope you are all enjoying your first week back. We know it has been a very busy week but you are all doing so well! A big well done to each and everyone of you!

Here is the link to our daily zoom registration at 11am:

Home Learning


For today’s listening game you will need to watch the video of Monkey Puzzle first. When you have watched the story being read then you can answer the questions. Mrs Webb has the questions in the video and has also put them under the video.

  1. Why did monkey feel sad? Who had monkey lost?
  2. Can you tell me 3 characters who monkey met in the story?
  3. What creature helped monkey find his Mum through the story?
  4. Where do you think monkey lived? Was it on a farm, in the sea or in the jungle?
  5. What were butterflies babies?
  6. How do you think monkey felt when he found his Mummy?


In maths we are looking at numbers 1-5

Speech and Language

Here is Mrs Webb, Mrs Allen and Mrs Crane talking about their favourite animal and why it is their favourite animal. When you have watched the video can you talk about what your favourite animal is and why?


Yesterday, Mrs Allen set you the task of dancing like a Yeti! Today she would like you to learn the dance from the film Trolls. Remember to watch the introduction video from Mrs Allen first and then watch the video underneath for the dance routine. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you dancing on Tapestry.

Story Time

Today’s story is Monkey Puzzle read by Mrs Allen. Mrs Allen has some very helpful assistants who are holding up story spoons to retell the story. You need to listen really carefully to the story as we have some questions for you to answer about the story.

Wow another busy day completed! You are continuing to make us feel so very proud! Keep it up children, tomorrow is Friday and after that it will be the weekend! You can do it everybody!

The Preschool Team


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