The Masked Reader

Welcome to The Masked Reader.


Today, you will see lots of clips which will show you the staff at Lings reading a small part of a story however, their faces will be hidden!

Your task is to figure out who is hiding behind the mask!

You can use this guess sheet to write your answers and if you come back at 1pm some clues will be added for each video to help you out.

The Masked Reader guess sheet

Masked Reader 1:

  1. I like the sunny weather
  2. I like being outside
  3. I love maths
  4. I teach the little children at school

Masked Reader 2:

  1. My favourite colour is pink.
  2. My favourite smell is a new book smell.
  3. My favourite book is ‘Percy the Park Keeper – After the Storm’.
  4. I’m not the best at drawing. My caterpillars look like clouds with legs.
  5. I love hand bags.

Masked Reader 3:

  • Green is my favourite colour
  • My favourite popstar is Taylor Swift
  • My fav food is chocolate
  • I stand on the playground every morning and afternoon

The Masked Reader 4:

  1. I first taught Year 6 when I started at Lings.
  2. I have been at Lings for 13 years.
  3. I have a house rabbit.
  4. I was Miss Robson before I got married.


Masked Reader 5:

  • I love to read
  • I have a dog called Casper
  • I enjoy going ice skating
  • I worked for many years in Reception.

Masked Reader 6:

1) I love being at the beach and by the sea.

2) I do not have a middle name

3) I drive a red Car

4) I have been on a few school residential.

5) I love dancing!

Masked Reader 7:

  1. I play tag at playtime
  2. When it rains my hair goes curly
  3. I’m in Year 3
  4. My name can be linked to sport

Masked Reader 8:

  1. This alien will often be found in the Key Stage 2 building.
  2. This alien is likely to run away from you.
  3. This alien is often seen watching the Cobblers.
  4. Is quite a tall alien.

Masked Reader 9:

  1. I speak 4 languages
  2. I love travelling
  3. I used to ride horses
  4. I was on an archaeology dig that discovered a mammoth’s tooth and a saxon prince’s helmet

The Masked Reader 10:

  1. There are lots of people in school with the same surname.
  2. I love dogs and have three at home.
  3. My favourite colour is purple.
  4. Children usually meet me when they first start school at Lings.
  5. I have three children who go to Lings.

The Masked Reader 11:

  • I love rugby
  • I enjoy art
  • I have lived in London and  Birmingham
  • I am from overseas.

Masked Reader 12:

  • I love reading
  • I love rugby – Saints are my favourite team
  • Purple is my favourite colour
  • I love exploring the world

Masked Reader 13:

  • My favourite colour is purple
  • I really enjoy dressing up
  • My favourite subject is Literacy
  • My favourite book is Funny Bones
  • My favourite smell is lavender

Masked Reader 14:

  1. I like to dress up as different characters.
  2. I have two different coloured eyes.
  3. I like fast cars
  4. I can count in Welsh
  5. I like playing sports in the mud.

Good luck.

Remember to come back after 1pm to see any clues about our masked readers.

The results will go live tomorrow morning!



6 thoughts on “The Masked Reader

  • 4th March 2021 at 10:54 am

    The Masked Reader guess sheet

    Masked Reader 1: Mrs Tucker
    Masked Reader 2: Mrs Dunken
    Masked Reader 3: Mrs Battmans
    Masked Reader 4: I know him but not his name?
    Masked Reader 5: Mrs Marrow
    Masked Reader 6: Mrs Mortan
    Masked Reader 7: I can’t hear properly
    Masked Reader 8: Mr Simons
    Masked Reader 9: Mrs Leeming
    Masked Reader 10: Mrs Whitestone
    Masked Reader 11: Mr Wilson
    Masked Reader 12: Miss Kinsella
    Masked Reader 13: Miss Simons
    Masked Reader 14: ?

  • 4th March 2021 at 11:36 am

    The masked reader is Mrs Kinsella

  • 4th March 2021 at 1:53 pm

    1 Miss Tucker 8 Mr Bushell
    2 Miss Duncan 9 ?? Took her mask off but dont know who she is
    3 Miss Jacox 10 Mrs Whitestone
    4 Miss Mann 11 Mr Wilson
    5 Miss Crane 12 ??
    6 Mrs Mann 13 Miss Simons
    7 ?? 14 Miss Battams

  • 5th March 2021 at 9:11 am

    miss tucker
    miss dunking
    miss jacox
    mrs denny
    miss mumro
    miss man
    miss bowler
    mr bushel
    miss lemming
    mrs whitestone
    mr willson
    miss kanseller
    miss simons
    miss battoms

  • 5th March 2021 at 9:16 am

    mr bushel and miss mumro tricked me saying they was not one lol

  • 20th May 2021 at 9:04 pm

    1.Miss tucker
    2.Miss duncan
    3.Miss jacox?
    4.i know her i see normally at lunch time but i don’t know?
    5.Miss mu n r o
    6. sounds familiar
    7. ?
    8.Mr bushel
    9.Miss leeming
    10.Miss whitestone?
    11.Mr wilson
    12.miss kinsella
    13.miss simon
    14.miss battams


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