Year 2 Home Learning – Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning Year 2!

We are looking forward to seeing you all back in school soon, but for now we need to keep trying our best with our home learning. There is a little bit of information here that it is important you read, just to refresh yourself on home learning.

1. We will continue to have our live zoom register at 10.20am. Please use the link you used before as this has not changed. If you need this resending, please email us. It is essential you attend this live zoom each morning so that you can say hello to your teachers and friends, and also to find out a little more about the day’s learning. Please bring a paper and soemthing to write with so you can take part in any live learning.

2. It is important you send us your completed work for us to check. You can take a photo of your completed work and email this to us. We can then provide you with individual feedback on your work, and offer any help or support needed. If we do not see your completed work, we are unable to offer praise or help to further your learning with that task. All work should be emailed to:

3. You can also email this address during the day if you need and guidance with the tasks or have any questions about the learning, and we will then be able to help you complete the task. Remember, you can also leave comments on the blog by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. These could be answers to the tasks or questions on the daily blog or you could share your ideas about the learning. We look forward to seeing your work!

Have a great day, and enjoy your home learning!
Miss Battams, Miss Duncan and the rest of the year 2 team.

English Reading

Read the variety of brief job descriptions on the video. What language is used? Is there anything similar about them? Write a sentence about the job you would most like from the choices in the text and explain why. Then write a sentence to explain which job you would least like and why. You should use the conjunctions because or so in your sentences to explain your thoughts.

For example: I would choose to be a nurse so that I can help people.

I would not like to be a rubbish collector because it is a dirty and smelly job.


English Writing

Thinking about the job the you chose yesterday, can you create a spider diagram to think about all of the tasks you would need to do in that job?

For example:

You then need to use your spider diagram to write three sentences to explain some of the tasks you would have to do in that job.

For example, If I was a nurse I would have to give out medicines to patients to help make them better.

As a nurse, I would need to work in a team to look after patients.

A nurse needs to be a good listener so you can listen and find out what help the patients need.


Watch the videos below to help with your phonics learning for today.


Watch the story about recognising the fraction half or 1/2. Then solve the following problems that involve that fraction



Click to access T-or-F-Year-2-Spring-B4-S2-Recognise-a-half.pdf

Click to access Y2-Spring-Block-4-WO2-Recognise-a-half-2019.pdf


This half term we will be looking at maps and directions. Watch the short video about maps to learn a little bit to get you started. You do not need to complete the tasks on the bitesize page. 

Watch the short powerpoint video below to help you with your learning a little more, and listen as Miss Battams explains your task.

Take a look at the map below of the playground in a park. Can you answer the questions about the park using the compass directions? You should try to answer in ful sentences where possible.

We looked at this picture in the zoom this morning. Can you create your own rhyme to remember the order of the directions? leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we can share the best ones in tomorrow’s zoom.

Handwriting and Spellings

It is important we continue to practice our handwriting to help us to form our letters correctly. We should also practice spelling our Year 2 words to help us with our reading and writing. You can use these letter formations we use in school to help you form your letters correctly when you practise your spellings. You do not need to copy this alphabet out.

Remember, you should be practising writing these words down on paper and not typing them into the blog comments as this will not help develop your handwriting skills.

1. Warm up your fingers before you start!
Wiggle your fingers up high, down low, to the side and in front of you.
Stretch your fingers out like fireworks twelve times.

2. Can you write the following KS1 words at least four times? Remember to leave a finger space between each one.

* whole
* half
* money
* pretty
* everybody

3. Tick your neatest formation and be proud of your handwriting.

Reading and Story Time.

Here is today’s story read by Miss Battams. It’s called the Runaway Pancake.

We have an online log in which will link to some ebooks that follow our reading scheme in school. These books will allow your child to practice their phonics skills. It is a free resource. You will need to register for a free parent account to access the books. This does not take long to do and is very easy.

Follow this link to log in:

Go to Oxford Owl for Home and click on enter site. This will give you the option to choose a book recommended for your age or you can choose a book from the colour you read at school. These are all free to read and it would be great if you could read one to someone at home.

6 thoughts on “Year 2 Home Learning – Tuesday 23rd February

  • 23rd February 2021 at 11:06 am

    whole whole whole
    half half half
    money money money
    pretty pretty pretty
    everybody everybody everybody

  • 23rd February 2021 at 12:52 pm

    1 North,East,South and West.
    2. Swings and Roundabout.
    3. South.
    5. East.
    6. Nice Elf Speaking Welsh.

    • 23rd February 2021 at 3:10 pm

      This is a great way of remembering the directions Japgun, well done. Miss Battams 🙂

  • 23rd February 2021 at 4:54 pm

    Never Ever Stop Wondering

  • 23rd February 2021 at 5:15 pm

    Never Ever Stop Wondering

  • 23rd February 2021 at 7:32 pm

    My north east south west is
    Never enter Santa’s workshop.
    Never entertain scary wombat’s


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