Pre-school Home Learning Monday 22nd February

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all okay and enjoyed your half term! Did you get up to anything special in half term? Maybe you could share your news on the zoom registration at 11am. Here is the link:

We really do enjoy seeing you on the registration. Also please keep sharing videos and photos on to Tapestry. Its a really good way of us seeing what you are doing at home and to see all the fun that you are having. Its also really good for us to know how the activities are going and if these are working well at home for you.

Home Learning

Our theme this week is to learn all about the Jungle. Maybe you could read some stories about jungles and jungle animals if you have them at home. You could even use google to find out a little bit more about Jungles.


Mrs Whitestone is here with her blending game. We have played this game before but it would be good to listen to the video again to see if you can work out what objects are in Mrs Whitestone’s bag. Good luck and remember to turn your listening ears on!


Down in the jungle, Mrs Crane is reading a number story about monkeys can you help count them?

Speech and Language

This week we are learning all about the Jungle. Mrs Webb has some questions for you. Watch the video to find out what questions she has. They will also be posted underneath the video.

What is a jungle?

What animals live in a jungle?

Would a jungle be hot or cold?

Would you like to live in the jungle?


Mrs Allen has a fun physical activity for you today with the disney character Officer Hopps. Watch the video of Mrs Allen and then click on the link below.

Story Time

Today’s story is Rumble in the Jungle. In the story there is a picture right at the beginning of all the animals hiding. Underneath the video is that picture for you to guess which animals that you can see.

Well done everyone for all your hard work today! We hope you are enjoying your jungle theme today. Keep up the hard work everybody!

The Preschool Team

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