Reception Home Learning Friday 22nd January

Hello everyone

It’s the end of our school week because it is Friday!  Yesterday was Thursday and tomorrow it is Saturday.  And on Saturday you don’t have to do your home learning (unless you are doing some catch up or extra work!)  So this week I have been reminding you of the days of the week and here is a song to help you to remember them.  We can can sing this before we start our Rocket Words.

Phonics – High Frequency/Rocket words

On a Friday in phonics we focus on the high frequency words (we call them tricky or rocket words) that cannot be sounded out, for example the, was, be or go.  The children cannot sound them out so need to just be able to recognise them and sight read them.  Way that you can help them to learn them –

  • Sound them out incorrectly and ask the children to correct you
  • Write 2 sets out on cards and play pairs where you place them all facing down and try and find a matching pair of words (demonstrated in video)
  • Play snap (demonstrated in video)
  • Have one set of cards face down and get the children to pick one at a time and attempt to remember (demonstrated on video)
  • Get the children to copy them out 3 times and then rub them out and try to remember how to write them from memory.
  • Say a word and race to write it
  • Read a book and get the children to point at every rocket word that they see.

The words are:

Rocket 1: I, the, into, to, no, go and put

Rocket 2: he, she, we, me, be, was and of

Rocket3: you, they, all, are, my and her

Rocket 4: said, have, like, so. do, come and some

Rocket 5: were, there, little, one, when, out and what

Rocket 6: oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs and look

Rocket 7: called, asked, could, looked and because.

Choose a few that your children have not learnt yet and try one of the games described below.  If not then here is the link to the videos of us teaching the children rockets 1-4.  Please only do a few at a time.

Link to rocker words being taught


Here is the link to this week’s reading books.  If you have read everyday then your child should be increasing their pace, fluency and confidence in their reading.

Literacy  Lots of the children did really well labelling the parts of the gingerbread man last week so we are going to do this again but this time, labelling a big, fat, pink pig.  Watch how to draw the pig using shapes before you start to label it.


Starter – Today we are going to find all the ways to find 5 using numicon

Main – more and less than a number on a number line

Physical Development

Here’s a lovely activity to strengthen those little hands up – specifically the three fingers they need to hold their pencil securely.

Expressive Art and Design

I wonder of you could draw or make one of the little pigs houses?  Here are some ideas…I think I will make mine out of cake so that I can eat it!


Another traditional tale from Mrs Szabo.  She’s reading it in both English and Romanian for us.  It is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We hope you have a lovely, restful and safe weekend.  We are now half way through the term so it would be really helpful to us if you could let us know what is working for you and your child on the blog (so we can do more of it) and what is not working for you and/or your child.  Please also feel free to make suggestions as to how we can improve and what we could do to keep your child motivated to do their learning. Your feedback is really appreciated. Please let us know on 

Best wishes

The Reception Team

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