PE – Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

KS1 Real PE at Home- Week 2

It has been great to see you all accessing Jasmine at home and telling us all about your adventures, so please keep sharing. To access the portal you just need to follow this link (Jasmine Home Portal) and type in your personalised username and password.

This week you will have the chance to do some Real Gym at home and the theme of the week will be ‘Park Life.’ You will be able to go on a journey and explore all of the wonderful things you might find at the park in your own house with your family. All of the activities this week will focus on the words ‘rotation’ and ‘flight’ so you will learn how we can spin or jump in different ways. As always, we would love to see some pictures and videos of you playing the games or exploring the skills at home so we can share them with others, so please send any pictures or videos to

This week we have created a PowerPoint to show you all of the different activities in our ‘Park Life Adventure’ (attached below). As always you may want to add or change parts of these activities using some of the other themes like ‘Sammy Squirrel’ or ‘Birthday Bike’ make the PE at home your own.

Park Life Powerpoint 1

Here is a video that will take you through some of the features on the PowerPoint.

Below are some videos to help show you how to complete some or the trickier activities. There is a special appearance from Barney the Bear and two of our expert year 2 skateboarders.

As always please feel free to contact the PE team if you have any questions about the Jasmine Active Home portal on the PE email (

Have fun, stay active and Barney Bear will be waiting and watching his computer hoping to see all of your pictures and videos.

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