Welcome back to Pre-School – 5th January

Hello everyone,

We hope that you had a wonderful time over Christmas and that you have stayed safe and well during the holidays. We are very sorry not to be in Pre-school this week, we were so looking forward to seeing the children. However, we will be providing online learning for the week and have lots of exciting learning for you to do while you remain at home.  The format that we will follow every day is :

  • A listening activity
  • A maths activity
  • A physical activity
  • A talking/speech and language activity
  • Storytime

Wherever possible we will provide a video for you to watch with your child.  If you have any questions, concerns or have limited access to online technology please contact us on pre-school@lingsprimary.org.uk  We will also be using our online learning journal, Tapestry, so that you can upload any of their work or messages and we will try to reply on the same day.

We will have an online zoom register at 11am everyday to talk you through the day’s activities, to say hello and check how you are all.  The link will be sent to you by e-mail but will be the same everyday –


So today’s learning is:


Mrs Henderson (who works in Reception but the children will know her) has a listening game – you need to listen to her instructions and then listen very carefully to the sounds and tell your gown up, in full sentences, what you can hear.

Click here to access the game –


Maths – Number 1

Mrs Crane has a challenge for you finding the number one.


Harrison has a physical challenge for you – all you need is a piece of paper, a peg and some scrunched up tissues.

Speech and Language

In Pre-school we are always encouraging the children to talk in full sentences rather than in single words.  Some of the children will be using a few words and others able to use full sentences.  Please encourage your children, at whatever stage they are at, and model and repeat full sentences for them.

Today’s challenge is to look at the pictures below and to describe what you can see using sentences.
Challenge yourself and use your imagination and make up your own story…
Tell your story to your teddy, or your cat, your dog, brother/sister or your grownup – have fun!



Listen to Mrs Webb reading you the Snail and the Whale story.  Can you hear any words that rhyme?  These are words that sound the same at the end of the word e.g. snail and whale, soot and foot, rock and dock or night and bright.

Please do let us know how you are getting on – ideally on Tapestry or if not, by e-mail.  We hope you enjoy today’s activities.  Remember to join us on the zoom register tomorrow.

Kind regards

The Pre-School Team





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