KS2 Real PE at Home- Term 1

Now that you all have your personalised login for the Create Development Jasmine Active Home portal we can now start to set you fun challenges and games that you can try at home by yourself or with other family members. To access the portal you just need to follow this link (Jasmine Home Portal) and type in your personalised username and password.

This term the non-physical cog we will be focusing on is the ‘Cognitive Cog.’ This will challenge your thinking skills as your prepare to tackle challenges and games that will require you to think in new and creative ways as well as being able to reflect on your own performances. The physical skills we will be working on are ‘Ball Handling Skills’ which is FUNS Card 9. This skill will require you to be able to move an object around different parts of your body with speed, accuracy and control from different starting positions. As always we would love to see some pictures and videos of you playing the games or exploring the skills at home so we can share them with others, so please send any pictures or videos to pe@lingsprimary.org.uk

Here is a video (split into two parts) which will talk you through where you can find your PE Challenges for this term and on the Jasmine Active Home Portal.

Alongside your fun games and challenges set on Jasmine Active Home we have also launched a fun year and house personal best competition which is open to all KS2 pupils. Mrs Davies explains all of the information for these competitions in the video below. Remember for scores to be counted you need to send your scores (with pictures/ videos if you so wish) to pe@lingsprimary.org.uk.

Here are the three challenges you can use for house and year personal best competition.

As always please feel free to contact the PE team if you have any questions about the Jasmine Active Home portal on the PE email (pe@lingsprimary.org.uk).

Have fun, stay active and can’t wait to see you exploring Jasmine Active at Home.

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